Ant Attacks!

Do you have the same love-hate relationship with ants as I do? They’re terrible when they are somewhere you don’t expect them to be (your bed, your laptop, your skin), but if they’re minding their own business, ants are fascinating little creatures.

I just listened to Radiolab podcast about Argentine Ants, who are fierce as hell and exist on every continent except Antarctica. They fight every other type of ant they encounter and take over huge amounts of territory in the process.

I have no idea whether Argentine ants can be found in Thailand, but I do have to say that the big ants outside of my house seem to have the same relentless killing energy.  One time the, ants murdered a RAT.  Okay, maybe I had caught the rat first and put the trap outside (it was still alive at that point because it was a humane rat trap)… I was about to release the rat at the temple but then I couldn’t because there were giant red ants eating the rat alive!  It was absolutely horrifying and I am thoroughly scarred for life.

Anyways, you should listen to the Radiolab podcast; I’ve embedded it below. Highly recommended – happy listening!


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