Sports Days Preview

Just thought I’d kick off the new blogging month with some pictures of Sports Days – these actually aren’t from Thida last year; they’re from TWO years ago when I was volunteering at Satri Thungsong School.

This is sort of what you can expect on Wednesday with the outdoor parade at the stadium: bright costumes, traditional dresses, marching bands, coordinated cheering sections and LOTS OF MAKEUP, not to mention fake hair!  I hardly even recognized my little 8th and 9th graders.

One of the more traditional costumes

Orange Team at Satri Thungsong. Thida's sports colors are blue, green, yellow, and pink

Some bizarre drum major costumes

Marching Bands that play "The Saints Go Marching In" over and over again

Since I was at a small school that only had 3 other foreign teachers, Satri went all out and put me into a Thai wedding dress to walk in the parade, too.  I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get my (fake) hair and makeup done, and my adviser took me to a photo studio. I’m pretty much a local celeb now; the lady who did my makeup stuck a giant poster of my face onto her shop window in the middle of town.

 So there you have it, an idea of what to look forward to tomorrow.  Hopefully we win our basketball game today!


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