Blake's World (Brittany's Perspective)

So you may or may not know this, but Blake is really creative and artistic. If you ask him to draw, he usually refuses (he says he’s just a tracer); however, there’s been more than one occasion when he’s shown up with something over-the-top and just plain good.

Take, for example, our P1/P2 English camp last year.  He didn’t come to the poster making party but when he showed up in the morning, his “Rabbits” poster was 3-D and FANCY:

Blake has also been making a slew of materials for his classes at Suratpittaya, but most of you haven’t seen them because the majority of us work at Thida.

I came home one night and he was in the middle of making a giant map for his upcoming directions lesson.  There were over 23 numbered locations on that map, but of course the most important one was in the top-left corner: “That’s my mansion,” he said.  He was cutting out a jacuzzi to put in the back.

This is only a small slice of other Blake-themed materials he’s created.  The inspiration for this post is the following set of pictures:

These are what went on the giant Blake’s World die that he created for the English Camp we did this past weekend.

I may or may not be using his computer while he’s teaching a class at a rubber factory, so he might be mad when he finds out I wrote this post and put in all those silly pictures…

But, let me just state for the record that this is a celebration of his creativity and a call to everyone to step up your game! May we all find a way to incorporate ourselves into our classes with a lasting legacy 🙂

Have you seen any other noteworthy Blake creations? Share in the comments!


One response to “Blake's World (Brittany's Perspective)

  1. That is awesome. The bunny reminds me of a card game we brought called Killer Bunnies. I’d love to play it with y’all

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