it’s been a while

sorry it’s been so long since my last post. i’m trying to get back into the mindset of baby steps, where one minute of meditation is better than none, one yoga pose is better than none, one sentence is better than none.

that being said, i’m on vacation! hooray! the school year is officially over, as of friday. we had a party for the kids at my language school, and then my boss took us out to dinner at an italian restaurant.

friday morning was also interesting because i went to a thai wedding. the family that owns a rice soup shop down the street (i’ve written about them before) took me to their son’s wedding. i got picked up at 6 am and then we drove two hours south to nakhon si thammarat.  the wedding ceremony was at the banquet hall of a small resort.

after firecrackers went off, the groom walked into the small building, followed by 10 ladies carrying trays of various traditional things – some flowers, some food, and one heaping tray of money.

then the bride came in and the couple sat in front of their parents and received their parents’ blessings (and the groom gave the money to the bride’s parents; it’s like a dowry, I think).  later four monks in orange robes came in and they chanted for what seemed like an hour.  while the monks were still chanting and blessing the bride and groom, we dipped outside to eat a full meal at 10 am.  two kinds of fish, fish curry, mixed vegetables, pork soup, and soda.  then it was back into the car for another two hours, arrival at the couple’s new house, and even more food!

lately, i’ve been busy:
-painting (i’ll take a picture and post it)
-writing (3 pages every day of reflections)
-doing a lot of wrap-up paperwork for school
-teaching thai lessons to two of my coworkers
-playing with my new kindle fire (i love it, thank you!)
-trying to eat a slow-carb diet for a month (just because my boyfriend’s doing it and to see if i have enough discipline to not eat rice in thailand!)
-hanging out with my friends

plans for the break include:
-going to a national marine park on an island called Ang Thong, off the coast of Koh Samui (another big island).
-julie is coming to visit! she’s engaged, did i ever tell you that? she and her fiance have been traveling around australia and now they’re coming to visit thailand!
-teaching thai, learning thai, etc
-more painting, more writing, more yoga
-prepping for this upcoming trip to nepal

i’ll try to post more regularly!

love you and miss you,



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