Boredom Busting Games for the end of the term

Coming back from our winter break, I hit a small slump of boredom with my usual games for my Mattayom and my Super English classes. As usual, the internet solved the problem for me:

1) Review Game: Bombs, Guns, and Nurses

This was an easy, low-prep game for midterm review.   Before class, make a grid with various symbols (bombs, nurses, and guns, obviously) and prepare questions.

A bomb blows you up when you choose it, a checkmark is a question and if the student gets it right, they recieve 10 points, a nurse brings you back to life, a gun gives you the option to shoot someone, and a tornado wipes out all your points.

My Mattyom girls got really into this one.

2) Newspaper Sumo from Genki English:

Why didn’t we think of this before? Two kids stand facing away from each other on either end of a newspaper.  They compete to be the fastest to answer the target question, and then whomever is correct can take a small step back.  When the kids meet in the middle (back to back), they try to use their butts to knock each other off the newspaper.  At Super English, I don’t do any points for sumo; I just let the winner choose the next competitors and the kids come up with really mischievous pairs.

Today Michael said he tried this with his P5s with a chalk circle on the ground.

He reported back, “It was a hit with everybody but the Thai teacher.”  You’ve been warned: it definitely makes the kids a bit rowdy.

3) Ostrich Game from Genki English:

I haven’t tried it yet but I can picture it now: you need flashcards and binder clips.  Stick a clip and a flashcard on the back of a kid’s shirt, make them face each other in a circle, and then tell them to find out what’s on the back of each other’s shirts.  I can see this being hilarious.


Two other games from Genki English that have worked well in my small class are: What Time is It, Mr. Wolf? and Sticky Fingers.  Hit the links if you’re interested.  Good for the wee little ones.

And this thread about teaching ideas for large classrooms mentions Monkeys and Bananas. It might require more prep by making a dice but it sounds fun:

Make a large dice from cardboard on the 6 faces draw 1 banana 2 bananas and 6 bananas as well as 1 monkey 2 monkeys and 6 monkeys.

Split the class iinto 2 or more teams and each team starts with 3 bananas. Ask a question to the first team if they get it right they get roll the dice. Before they roll the dice they get to decide if they want to roll for their own team or one of their opponents teams.

The game is simple. Monkey’s eat Bananas and Bananas get added to their total on the board. The team with the most bananas at the end wins!

Happy teaching!


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