Erawan Falls, Kanchanburi

Erawan Falls

Maybe this picture doesn’t exactly reflect the waterfall part of Erawan Falls (normally you’ll see pictures of misty water spilling into crayola-robin-egg-blue pools), but this is one of my favorite pictures that I snapped during our month-long vacation.

The water was a dull grayish color until the sun came out from behind a cloud and broke through the canopy and turned the water green.

Also not pictured:

  • How we got into the national park for the local price of 40 baht instead of the foreigner price of 200 baht (we showed our passports)
  • The other 6 tiers of the waterfall and the jungle hike between them
  • The fish lurking in the 4th tier that swim up to unsuspecting swimmers and nibble on your feet.  It’s one thing when you expect it – like when you pay 150 baht for an hour-long fish spa – but when you’re just trying to take an innocent dip, the sensation of some creature nipping at you is incredibly unnerving.  Luckily, it’s also hilarious to watch your (male) co-worker scream hysterically every time it happened.

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