erawan falls | kanchanaburi, thailand

erawan falls

erawan falls

three good things from erawan falls in kanchanaburi (2 hours west of bangkok)

1) almost forgetting a backpack full of wallets and passports at the gas station coffee shop, but remembering in time to get it and everything was safe

2) getting in to the national park for the local price of 40 baht instead of the foreigner price of 200 baht

3) when you go swimming in the waterfall, the fish nibble at your feet and the sensation is incredibly unnerving. it’s more than ticklish; it almost induces hysteria .  i was laughing hysterically while my friend was screaming. tourists all over thailand pay money for “fish spas” – to have fish eat the dead skin off their feet for an hour.  but you can do it here for free


One response to “erawan falls | kanchanaburi, thailand

  1. Hi

    Vacation was great. Be sure and download your blog somewhere for posterity. Your running commentary is reporter like and you may also have a career in writing (journalism) as well as teaching. They go hand in hand. Journalism would provide the travel and excitement as well as the thoughtful analysis and insight. Just a thought. Have gone back and read all of your blog from the first. Very insightful. Love you and think about you often. Thank you for sharing.

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