busy week

this week has been busy with wrapping up the end of the semester. i’ve been really good about not letting my work stuff interfere with my personal daily goals like meditation and running and blogging, but this week it’s gonna have to, if i want to get stuff done with sanity intact.

i only have to work today, tomorrow, friday, and monday, and then i’m through with school until october 24th or 25th.

last year this time:
my host brother and his fiance had a ceremony/announcement of their engagement.

this weekend, we’re also having a “wedding” but it’s a fake one.  two of my co-workers are married but my boss thought it’d be funny to throw them a ‘re-wedding’/two year thank you party.  so we’re going to the beach and he’s going to put us up at a resort for a night and there will be cake and wedding dresses and a ceremony. should be interesting.

we even had bachelor/bachlorette parties this past weekend: the boys went camping at a waterfall (and came back with stories about being covered in leeches) and us girls went dress shopping and got massages and had a lot of good girl talk.

the last wedding i’ve been to was kim and kyle’s wedding, which also was in september – how many years ago now? 6? that was a good wedding: the only time i’ve been to pennsylvania; the barn reception; the blue grass band that played; i remember eric taking a lot of pictures.


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