thanks for your comment on my last post, daddy.  the advice means a lot to me. i’ll incorporate a response to it the next time i write about teaching. soon, i hope.

lately, i’ve been trying to run more. not a lot, only a little. the other few times i’ve tried running (as a hobby, not a punishment) i’ve always liked it but pushed myself too hard and then gotten freaked out and then stopped.

so now i’m trying to take the small route, stopping before i get tired, being happy with the action of taking action and not in striving.

two or three of my coworkers are into barefoot running, so i started to try it at the stadium near my house. i’ve been building up and yesterday i did a quick but fulfilling mile around the track (it’s not gravel, don’t worry).

tonight i ran with another coworker around Koh Lamphu, an island in the middle of the Tapee River that has tennis courts and running paths and exercise equipment.


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