photos not mine; i had a promise to keep

from my co-worker’s camera: the beach we camped on

only recently noticed that i’m in this picture. doing tai chi by the water

this is not very impressive

but this is better. the second night we camped much farther down the beach, near those rocks

longtail boats, sun on the horizon

palm trees and sand and water. perfect.

it’s much past my bedtime, because i spent the evening shopping. i bought new pants, new shoes, and a new dress for around 750 baht, or $25.

buying something new and in fashion, but having clothes that are mostly second hand is troubling in a not-really-important but i wish i didn’t care sense. i practically tried on my entire wardrobe hoping something would work together.  about one thing, maybe two things did.

if i didn’t prefer riding my bicycle in pants instead of a shirt, this crisis could be settled.  luckily, i’ll be buying my coworker’s motorbike in october, so i have less than 3 weeks to deal with it. plus, with two co-workers leaving, i’ll probably be getting excess clothing from other teachers/maybe we’ll do a clothing swap.

anyways, then i weeded out everything i thought i would wear but maybe only wore once or twice this semester. there’s still more honest work to do.

3 clutter tips that i remember from my organizing days:
one. one in, one out rule: bring something in, take something old out

two. put clothes on hangers facing the same way, and hang the clothes with the tip of the hanger facing forward.  when you wear the item of clothing, you can reverse the hanger so that the tip is facing the back of the closet.  this way you you can tell what you haven’t worn when you do a purge

three. a place for everything and everything in it’s place.


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