do it right now.

“Reduce Everything You Want to Do to an Action You Can Do Right Now” (via lifehacker)

knocking things off my avoiding vs. want to do list.

this weekend:
– we made it to amphoe khanom, about 55 km away from surat thani. khanom is not touristy. it’s got a bunch of beaches that are peaceful, quiet, and almost always deserted (of other foreigners, i should clarify).

– some math = it takes 7 people about 2 hours to get moving as a group; longer if it’s on the weekend.  we left on friday night; originally planned to leave at 7:30, then it was 8:30, we left at 9:30 and arrived in khanom at 10:30 and arrived at the campsite at 11:30. had we left on saturday morning, we wouldn’t have arrived at the campsite until maybe 1 or 2 pm. in which case, we would have been caught in a rainstorm.

– saturday moments (saturday. was. so. long! 6 am to 1 am? after 5 hours of sleep?):

morning time:
waking up to the sun rising behind clouds spread across the orange sky, being in the ocean and laughing as a rooster crowed outside our friend’s tent, doing tai chi and yoga at the water’s edge, meditating on a rock, drinking a deliciously cheap pineapple shake and iced coffee at the ao thong yii restaurant

laughing at my co-worker’s imitations of whales/dolphins/sea cucumbers, getting caught in a rainstorm on the way to eat western food (burgers with bacon and french fries!), challenging each other to push-up contests and who-can-spin-the-fastest contests, making friends with beach dogs, watching a group of 30+ thai adults play team building games with a balloon on a sand volleyball court

after the sun had set:
finding a 7-Eleven full of things that most 7-Elevens don’t have, having difficulty explaining that we wanted to buy firewood (in thai), contemplating my mortality on the dark and curvy and narrow road to get to the campsite (no more dewberries), discussing how males constantly compete to create/tend the fire, watching people drop hot dogs into the sand because of inadequate roasting sticks, playing hot seat for 2 hours, swimming in the ocean at midnight and finding phosphorescent algae that glows when you move, contemplating how guys end a campfire night much differently then women (i.e. trying to make the fire bigger by putting everything in it vs. not?)


it’s impossible to stay in your tent after a certain point because the tent becomes an oven. i ran out into the ocean and floated on my back, picked a slow-moving cloud and raced it, kicking my feet until it (inevitably) won.
lovely breakfast at khanom hill resort. a 55 minute motorcycle ride home that left my body tingling for at least 10 minutes afterwards. 

hair no longer full of saltwater.

i promise to post my co-worker’s photos tomorrow.


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