hot springs, two countries

continuing to back-post pictures from around this time last year.

one weekend last year, my host father took me and the three neighborhood kids to some hot springs about an hour away from thungsong:

my host dad loves these neighborhood kids
lil’ dtu dtu from next door

cute, right?


my earliest memory of hot springs are from taiwan. i think we went to some in the mountains? it smelled like sulfur.


on my road trip from portland to los angeles, we visited the umpqua hot springs and camped for a night. snow was on the ground the next day.  the umpqua hot springs are actually manmade but they overlook the umpqua river and are worth the steep hike to get there.

beautiful oregon

the pools get cooler the farther down you go

frank and me
this one’s called ‘turban outfitters’

snow on my car!

 man, i was much paler in oregon. see?

who doesn’t love styrofoam signs?


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