kuan im goddess

in thungsong, there was a chinese temple down the street, about a 5 minute walk away.  it featured a very tall statue of the goddess Kuan Im, known as the goddess of mercy or compassion.

i’ve also seen a large kuan im statue at the tiger cave temple (wat tam sua) in krabi province, and i know there was one in penang, malaysia as well (due to the large chinese population there).

this statue is huge! the pictures don’t portray the scale well.  also, this picture was taken using the camera timer and an uneven surface, can you tell?

they’ve also started to put the finishing touches on a kuan im statue here in surat thani, too.  the first time i visited surat and saw one being built, it felt like i was getting a little nod from the universe.

according to wikipedia:

Even among Chinese Buddhist schools that are non-devotional, Guanyin is still highly venerated. Instead of being seen as an active external force of unconditional love and salvation, the personage of Guanyin is highly revered as the principle of compassion, mercy and love. The act, thought and feeling of compassion and love is viewed as Guanyin. A merciful, compassionate, loving individual is said to be Guanyin. A meditative or contemplative state of being at peace with oneself and others is seen as Guanyin.

 it’s good to see her here.


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