I'm sorry a zombie bit you

Two Fridays ago I was sick because the little kids are full of germs and because I rarely heed the advice to not high-five their crusty little hands (I’ve since learned my lesson and changed to the fist-bump and hand sanitizer policy like everyone recommended).

Not only did John Phelps bring me back some medicine and a juice box after running an errand, he also offered to cover my Prathom 5 class after lunch.

What a relief! I used that period to rest up and then I exerted the rest of my energy on teaching my final two Mattayom classes of the day.

After class, I returned to the teacher’s room, exhausted.  I was grumpy and prepared to head straight home, but when I got back to my desk, I found a stack of papers scattered across it.

More papers?! What?! I almost cried.

But then I looked more closely.

Turns out John had those germy little monsters make “get well soon” cards for me! So awesome.

For the inside of the card, he had them do a mad-lib style fill-in-the-blank, so most of them went like this:

“Dear Teacher Brittany,

I am sad that you are sick.

I’m sorry that a zombie/a dog/a gorilla bit you.

I love you my teacher.

Get well soon/this weekend/in 100 years!”

55 cards made with love.

Some of them really put a lot of effort into their cards!

But of course, there’s always the kid who has no idea what’s going on, so this one made me laugh the hardest:

All it’s got is a picture of me…. and all it says is “I am Pear.”  Classic

Thanks, Pear, for making me laugh when I was sick, and thanks John Phelps for covering my class and being so thoughtful! You rock.


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