Thai months of the year…

…are ridiculously hard to memorize.

But I feel like I should know them because I expect my students to know the months on the year in English, and I want to shake them when they can’t remember what the months are.  Now my empathy quotient is a tad bit higher.

I used a combination of internet tools to get me a little closer to remembering the months.

I don’t know if I can quickly get from English to Thai, but I can now read the months in Thai and remember what month it is.

Sites I used:

1) : a site that encourages you to use memetics to build visual associations between words and their translations, and makes it a competition to get the most points. better than most flashcard sites.
– here’s my Thai month set. the memes probably only work in my brain. i partially relied on the idea that the thai months are based on zodiac signs to create imagery i could remember

2) : a memory flashcard game which is dorky and a little kid-like but definitely helpful for hearing the associations over and over

3) : only useful if you can read thai; a simple way to check if you remember the words

so skipping my thai lesson because of the rain wasn’t such a waste after all. yay.


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