august week 1: correction

i lied. yesterday i said my last week’s total was 1030 baht, but in reality it was more because i forgot about two expenses on thursday (the day i was feeling really sick and didn’t write much down).

i got a haircut for 150 baht, and i opened up a thai bank account. the bank account debit card cost 699 baht and will supposedly cover me for some amount – maybe 4000 baht? – in case of an emergency trip to the hospital.

aug 1 – 7 week total: 1030+150+699=1879 baht.


while i’m stuck on the topic of personal finance: here’s 3 budgeting concepts that i find useful:
-The envelope system (description and spreadsheet here): pay yourself first. every penny has a purpose. when your envelope’s gone, don’t spend any more and/or sacrifice something else.
-freedom accounts (description and spreadsheet here): there are irregular expenses that we forget to put in our monthly budget because, well, they don’t occur monthly. plan ahead for these by designating a set about to put into a ‘freedom’ account every month so that you can pay for them when they happen without breaking your budget. car repairs or christmas gifts are good examples of these.

they’re both not earth-shattering ideas, but they help me make the sometimes-intangible money in my bank account into almost-tangible concepts. 

and some more PF thoughts:

  • i love the blog – written by an oregonian named jd roth and a good source of practical insight, personal anecdotes, and advice
  • i also love for tracking and categorizing expenses (it’s sort of like quicken but online and free) and wish i had an excuse to use it out here
  • the name is cheesy and it sounds a lil’ sleezy but i like the sassy indian dude at ramit is a stanford grad and i’m glad he keeps people in check by telling people to act, not whine. he just offered his Earn 1k course for $1 (and a $20 refund if you get out in 30 days), and what can i say, i signed up. i hope i don’t forget to cancel or i’m screwed. but i’m 100% interested in doing a side business to sustain my travels and to build up an emergency fund so i wanna use his course to get my ass in gear

off to pay my credit card bills,



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