august week 1

was going to post my july financial results but i’m still sick and i’m sick of being sick so i’ve decided to go the easier route and just post the cost of living for the first week of august for now.

total spent from aug. 1-7: 1030 B (or about $30)
i was giving myself approx. 100 B a day for 7 days (because last month’s paycheck was small, and because we have vacation planned next weekend).  7 x 100 = not 1030.

so what messed with my budget? two unexpected expenses: 1) utilities at 180 B, and 2) having to buy new shoes at 130 B. not that big of a deal though; i feel pretty good about my discipline for most of last week.

i’m trying my hand at prioritizing my expenses, and i decided at the beginning of the year that i wanted to prioritize myself and spending a reasonable amount of money on myself, even if i was feeling stretched for cash.  so i set aside 1000 baht a month for me money that goes toward thai classes, yoga classes, and a monthly massage.

my very basic budget categories were food, drink, snack, “me,” and other.
food total: 560 baht
drink total: 80 baht
me total: 100 baht
snack total: 83 baht
other total: 387 baht

food included rice soup and chinese donuts (5 times) and night market food or “corner guy” (5 times).  i went to try a new place called chill haus this weekend, which had a nice atmosphere but wasn’t that wow-ing.  i also spent money on snacks to eat at the waterfall we visited yesterday.

drinks: i did surprisingly well on drinks, considering i sometimes spend more on drinks than i do food (because it’s so damn hot out here).  an espresso drink, an iced coffee, and morning coffee at rice soup: that’s all.

the only other random things i paid for this week were laundry (50 baht at a nice laundry place) and some badminton birdies (30 baht).

i keep koh phangnan in my mind as a place where i’ll splurge on food and drinks some more, so i remind myself of this whenever i’m tempted to spend money. some teachers were eating at one of my favorite restaurants tonight, but i opted out a) because i’m sick, and b) it was more aligned with my priorities to eat a cheaper (by only 20 b) meal at corner guy, and c) i’ve already gone over 100 baht today.  20 baht isn’t that much, in reality, but i know i’ll feel better when i look back at my monthly priorities and goals and feel like i stuck to my standards.


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