today i rode on the back of a motorbike for an hour to get to a nearby waterfall called nam dtok dat faa.

during the ride, i kept thinking to myself how much i love the fact that thailand is green and lush and overgrown ad bright: there are no manicured lawns or cookie-cutter homes here. it’s different from the dry desert landscape of inland southern california and closer to the flora-drenched pacific northwest – sans the 9-month overcast gloom.

the other teachers and i brought baguettes, water, and plenty of snacks from a store called makkro, which reminded me of costco.

this daytrip got me thinking about the other waterfalls i’ve swam in since coming to SE asia.

it was probably around this time last year that i went to my first waterfall in thailand with a group from nakhon si thammrat.

last august i messaged nearby teachers on couchsurfing.org, and they invited me to go along with them to a big 7-tier waterfall called prom lok in khao luang park:

on the way to the waterfall somewhere in those mountains

pictures never do waterfalls justice

ready to swim

since then, i’ve visited several other waterfalls, including the one in thungsong called nam dtok yong:

and this gorgeous waterfall in luang prabang, laos

and this one in pai in the north of thailand:

i was also thinking about the waterfalls i visited in oregon, but none were warm enough to swim in (nor were you allowed). the most famous one outside of portland is called multnomah falls. here is an awkward picture taken with a disposable camera from when my college roommate came to visit in november 2009:


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