i slept in and repeatedly hit the snooze button today for the first time in a while. the medicine worked; i slept in a weird haze of dreams, i slept hard, i slept and woke up with snot crusted on my nose. i realized one of the reasons i felt so yucky yesterday was probably because I was taking some medicine called Tiffy: I thought I had taken it before and been fine, but now I think that Tiffy causes drowsiness.  Which explains why I was having such a hard time fighting to stay awake during my haircut.

i guess there’s advantages and disadvantages to having medicine be so readily available over the counter.  lots of mom and pop shops will sell medicine to you; pharmacies are a breeze: i think it’s great that they’ll even sell medicine by the pill or in 4s – you don’t even have to buy the whole box. my Tiffy medicine cost 6 baht for 4 pills. so cheap.

when i went to the rice soup place this morning, i told them i was feeling sick.  p’rat immediately said, gin nam rawn, na. mai dai gin nam yen, by which he roughly meant: drink hot water (or tea) and don’t drink anything cold.

i’m not exactly where this belief comes from (maybe Chinese medicine?) but this has happened to me before.  all i wanted was some cold coffee this morning (it’s been ridiculously hot lately; in the 90s); but they wouldn’t let me drink it because i’m sick.  something to do with the equilibrium of the temperature in the body. i’m not sure. i’ve had people literally snatch a glass of water with ice in it out of my hand when i was trying to drink it when i was sick last time.

i’m also inclined – though i’m not certain – to think that the pharmacies here have different ideas of how to treat colds.  I’m prettttty sure – but entirely sure – that one time a pharmacist gave my host brother some listerine mouth wash to help with his sore throat.

two other things, before i forget

1) i don’t have to work at super english tonight
2) one of my managers offered to cover my P5/10 class today because I was sick. when i came back from my next period’s class, i found a bunch of notes from my class saying “get well soon!” on the front.  inside, he must have helped them to a fill-in-the-blank activity, because they read, “Dear Teacher Brittany, I’m sad/heartbroken you are sick. I’m sorry a dog/a gorilla/a zombie bit you. Feel better soon/in 100 years. Love, your student.” He also bought me medicine and some fruit drink. it was awesome.


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