germs germs germs

this is what i get for shaking hands and high fiving all the kids in the hallway at Thida. germs. i’ve had a fever all day. a mother at super english gave me some medicine to help me sleep it off tonight, though. i hope i don’t sleep through my alarm.

on a more positive note, even with waking up at 2:45 with a fever, i still got up at 5 am, did tai chi, yoga, meditation, washed some underwear, made it to rice soup at 7 am, dropped off some laundry, bought medicine, taught 4 classes, opened a bank account, got a hair cut, and bought some shoes.  instead of making a to-do list this morning, i made a ‘what have i been avoiding?’ list and tried to tackle things on it. it worked.

away to la la land i go…


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