low barriers and floss

I listened to a personal finance podcast back in April and it helped me break through some of my own barriers with regards to inaction and procrastination.  More and more of the things I’ve read have led me to think about practicing, practicing consistently, and practicing with failure/trial and error in mind in order to open the door to other “great things.”

The guy on this podcast talked about how he started flossing. He started flossing by telling himself he’d floss one tooth a day. That’s it.  Some days he would floss more, other days he’d only floss that one tooth. But it was such a low barrier that he was able to overcome whatever mental block that was keeping him from starting flossing or continuing to floss.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this, but it’s going to have to wait for other posts. 

Low barrier goals that I’ve set and achieved in the past two months are:
– one minute of meditation per day
– one sun salutation a day
– keeping track of what i spend every day
– one thai word a day
– reading about buddhism for 5 minutes a day
– and now, writing a quick post once a day

baby steps baby steps


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