Sports Days in Thailand

One of my former students from Satri Thungsong School just sent me pictures from their annual Sports Day.  My current school, Thida Mae Phra, had our Sports Day about two weeks ago.

This year at Thida, the foreigner teachers played volleyball against the Thai teachers and got beat – badly.  We also got to hang out at the local sports stadium to watch the opening parade and ceremonies.  All of the students in the school are divided into a particular color (pink, blue, yellow, or green), and then they compete against each other in what appears to be spirit-related competition as well as sports competition.

The school spends about 4 or 5 weeks preparing for this. Our periods were 45 minutes instead of the usual 55, and the students had an entire period dedicated to practicing their team cheers. Like my other post mentioned, it’s all about appearance here.

Last year, I was astounded at the variety and elaborateness of the costumes that the kids put on.  This year, I hardly even bat an eye when I see a 13 year old girl in lots and lots of makeup and fake hair and an outlandish outfit. 

I, too, became a spectacle last year.  I got up at 4 am to get my hair and makeup done at the beauty shop mentioned in another post, put on a traditional Thai dress, and then walked around in a parade around Thungsong.

in the beauty shop

all of this is fake hair

we stopped in a photo studio

me and the other two teachers who participated in the parade

there’s many more photos; i’ll post more tomorrow!


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