Rot Fai for 14

rot fai means train in Thai. rot is commonly used for vehicles (a car, for example) and fai is for things with fire, like lights.

the train from thungsong to bangkok takes about 14 hours.  train is currently my favorite way to travel long distances; my particular preference is for the second-class sleeper car, lower bunk, without air-conditioning (it gets really cold in there).

it costs around 680 baht ($23) for the trip. not bad, in my opinion.

here are some pictures of my train trip last october, when i was leaving my host community to go to bangkok for our end-of-stay orientation.

eva, my advisor, my host brother’s wife, and my host mom waving goodbye

a girl sticking her head out the window (which is why i like the fan car rather than the air conditioned car)

the mountains surrounding thungsong and nakhon sri thammrat

i love that there’s so much green in thailand

even inside the train

i love the clouds in thailand, too, for some reason

i fell asleep for a few minutes and i woke up to raindrops falling on my face because of the open window

then it cleared up again

the sunset was beautiful

people come through the train to make the beds around 7 or 8 pm

i happen to like trains much better than buses because i tend to sleep on my side, and i like the space

then you arrive in bangkok early in the morning, usually before the sun rises. this is shortly after

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